Universal Holding Cabinet Max


Introducing the next generation of universal holding cabinets, the Prince Castle® UHC Max. With a 12-inch ultra-wide touchscreen display, we removed timer bar bezels to maximize operational efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership. Designed with the same footprint, capacity, and flexible heated shelves and trays as the previous generation, the UHC Max will increase your crew’s performance.


Product Features

  • Ultra-wide 12-inch color touchscreen
  • Six temperature controlled heated shelves (up to 18 slots) with programmable controls
  • Quick select button to toggle among languages
  • Intuitive software for crew-proof user operation
  • Increased insulation and an automatic Eco-Mode result in industry leading energy usage
  • Menu builder to create, save, and copy from one unit to the next
  • Larger noticications and audible tones
  • Complete video library featuring helpful crew videos directly on the unit
  • Self-guided crew cleainging
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with detailed error reproting, automatic Eco-Mode, and a bezel-free timer bar

Product Spec Sheet

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Model Number Width in (cm) Height in (cm) Depth in (cm) Shipping Weight lbs (kg) Shipping cu. ft. (cu. m.)
UHC-MAX-6-NA 22.0 (558.80) 26.8 (679.34) 23.3 (641.35) 255 (115.7) 16.91 (4782.61)


Model Number Volts Hz Watts Plug Number
UHC-MAX-6-NA 208-240 50/60 2600-3450 IEC 309A PIN/SLEEVE
UHC-MAX-6-CE 208-240 50/60 2600-3450 IEC 309A PIN/SLEEVE
UHC-MAX-6-AU 208-240 50/60 2600-3450 Marechal 50A/250VAC
UHC-MAX-6-NZ 208-240 50/60 2600-3450 Marechal 32A/250VAC
UHC-MAX-6-T 208-240 50/60 2600-3450 Hubbel 2321 twist lock 20A/250V
UHC-MAX-6-JP 200-240 50/60 2600-3450 20A WF6320 Japan Plug


UL NSF logos

Warranty & Service Info

2-Year- Parts and Labor including on-site service

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